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Team Training Site

Create A Training Community For Your Network Marketing Team

If you are sending the same emails and texts over and over with each new teammate you bring on board or you want to streamline your training process and give your Network Marketing Team an awesome place to find all their answers, then the Team Training Site is for you!

This password-protected site can only be accessed by you and your team and is available to them 24/7. If they need to know how to do something, the Team Training Site can guide them through the steps. If there are downloads and PDFs you regularly share with new teammates, those files can all be downloaded from the Team Training Site. The benefit of having your own Team Training Site is clear - FREEDOM.

You can focus on building your Team, helping them when and where they need it most, but also have the freedom you desire as a busy Network Marketing Professional with a business and a family.

What's Included ?

60 Minute Branding Consultation Call ($997 Value)

Full-Color Clean & Modern Team Training Site Design ($3999 Value)

Password Protected Access To Training Site ($299 Value)

Up to 15 Designed Pages ($2295 Value)

Integration of Your Team Checklists & PDF Downloads ($399 Value)

Integration of Your Step-By-Step Team Training Videos To Automate Training Your New Teammates ($499 Value)

Social Media Integration to your Team Facebook Group ($199 Value)

Guided Tutorial Showing Your Team How To Navigate & Use The Training Site ($399 Value)

(Total Value $9,086)

Our Price To You



(You Save $2,087)


Have A Few Questions?

Feel free to connect our Done 4 You Support Team by clicking the button below.

Fine Print: Done 4 You Branding & Design Packages are a division of Welch Creation LLC and as such we want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your custom Branding & Design services. Once you order one of the Done 4 You Branding & Design Packages, you will immediately receive an email that confirms your purchase along with a form that we will need to have filled out in order to construct your Branding Designs exactly the way you want it. Our Team works solely in North America and will be English or Mandarin Speaking on Eastern Time. Once the Project Form is returned to our Design Team, you should expect your new Branding & Design Package to be completed within 4 - 6 weeks depending on the extent of the design work. You will be able to speak with the Branding Consultant assigned to your project on the phone if you need to so you can rest assured your project gets the attention it needs. It's our pleasure to be able to create your online empire with you.
Please make note that due to the nature of this service and the work involved, this is a non-refundable service. Once the order is placed, we have outgoing costs that we incur with setting up the project.


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