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Logo & Brand Board Design

How does your ideal audience tell Your Brand  apart from everyone else online?

When it comes to building a memorable brand, it's all about consistency.

A consistent color palette, font style, and Logo will give your Brand a level of professionalism and allows your Target Audience to identify with you and your Brand better.


Give Your Business An Identity

Build Credibility & Authority So People Take You Seriously

Help You Stand Out From All The Other Noise Online

Demonstrates Consistency Within Your Brand Which Builds Trust

A logo is one of the first things your Target Audience will notice about your Business and Brand.

Having a good quality logo that is Timeless and Classic will give your brand authenticity and reliability. This is exactly what our Design Team focuses on when designing your custom Logo and Brand Board.

Something like this...


”TWoo hoo!!! Everything is absolutely beautiful! This is a dream come true. I LOVE my logo and my colors! Adding the yellow was a great idea. Thanks again!! Look out world, here I come!"

What's Included ?

(1) Custom Logo Design ($399 Value)

Submark/Favicon Design ($99 Value)

Branded Color Palette (up to 6 colors with HEX codes) - ($127 Value)

Up to 2 Font Combinations ($89 Value)

Includes 2 -3 size variations in PNG format for easy application in future marketing ($48 Value)

Brand Board Design with full Branding Elements to keep your branding consistent ($199 Value)

(Total Value $961)

Our Price To You



(You Save $462)


We are excited to offer you this promo so you can start marketing your business properly online and can make sure that you are set up to generate Leads and Sales.

Some Of Our Done 4 You Clients


"Oh my goodness!!! The logo and blog are FABULOUS! Thanks so much to the Done 4 You Team for going above and beyond. I love them!"


Camille Nisich

As we grow and our customer base gets bigger, we typically raise our prices to accommodate more staff and a bigger team of designers (which are expensive), so please act now to make sure you lock in the best pricing available to you.


Have A Few Questions?

Feel free to connect our Done 4 You Support Team by clicking the button below.

Fine Print: Done 4 You Branding & Design Packages are a division of Welch Creation LLC and as such we want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your custom Branding & Design services. Once you order one of the Done 4 You Branding & Design Packages, you will immediately receive an email that confirms your purchase along with a form that we will need to have filled out in order to construct your Branding Designs exactly the way you want it. Our Team works solely in North America and will be English Speaking on Eastern Time. Once the Project Form is returned to our Design Team, you should expect your new Branding & Design Package to be completed within 4 - 6 weeks depending on the extent of the design work. You will be able to speak with the Branding Consultant assigned to your project on the phone if you need to so you can rest assured your project gets the attention it needs. It's our pleasure to be able to create your online empire with you.
 Please make note that due to the nature of this service and the work involved, this is a non-refundable service. Once the order is placed, we have outgoing costs that we incur with setting up the project.


Please contact us if you have any questions:


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