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Testimonials & Client Love

Joyce Kinstle

WOW!! I am so impressed!! The Done 4 You Team did a fantastic job of getting my blog set up! I am thrilled with how it turned out.

Angela Houston

Woo hoo!!! The blog is absolutely beautiful! I can't believe that's me! This is a dream come true. Thanks again!! Look out world, here I come!

I am absolutely LOVING my new blog that the Done 4 You Team created for me! Not only does it totally showcase me and my personality, but on top of that, it's so easy for people to navigate my site, find my blog posts, and learn how to work with me. Thank you for making it such an easy interaction. All the steps were so easy with your help and I'm so thankful for all of your great ideas along the way. For that and so much more, I am forever grateful. I know I am going to have success from this Blog. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Blair Critch

“The Design Team did a great job. Thank you so much! The Done 4 You Blog, I'm convinced, saved years of my life and probably my husband's too. LOL So pleased! We will be heading into our next Blog with the Done 4 You Team very soon!”


Jeannette Freed

Beth Holden Graves

HOLY MOLY! The Design Team totally captured ME!!! THANK YOU! YOU ROCK!!!!!

David Ogleton

I love it! Literally my vision for my website has come to life. Thank you so much!

“You guys are the best! The team was so attentive at getting back with me and truly interested in making this the blog I wanted to project to my audience.”


Sherry Rose Davenport

I just want to say I am beyond pumped with my brand new Fan Page and freebie design! Being busy and getting interrupted is one of my greatest struggles and from Day 1, the Done 4 You team has been outstanding and took every detail I had in mind into consideration and provided the absolute best service. They are patient, helpful, and very responsive. I think since there is so much garbage out there and people taking advantage of social media users, it’s important to know how awesome the Done 4 You team is. So, if you are busy and need help to get your brand out there, my recommendation would e to do it with them. You’ll be happy without a doubt!

Dana Lauren

LoriAnn Garner

I loved working with the Design Team. Everyone is very professional and encouraging. I am grateful the Team talked me through the process. Thank you for all your hard work and providing this service at such a great price.

Maria Pia Ruiz

The Design Team and this whole experience has been fantastic! I love my website and Fan Page. You definitely took my vision and made it reality. I recommend this service to my team and anyone interested in branding themselves online.

“Thank you so much!! You are amazing and so easy to work with. I love the Team’s happy, bubbly personality - it makes the process so much less stressful working with happy people. Thank you again!”


Tracy Wenkman

YOU ALL ARE A GOD-SEND! There are no words express my gratitude. I don't think you really understand what you've done for me. And you don't have enough time for me to try to explain. Just know this, My very first time ever creating a FB account was March 2017. I never had any intentions of ever being part of social media for many reasons. BUT I was presented with a business opportunity that I could not let pass me by because it's so "me". I immediately knew I had to have a "vehicle" to move me to where I needed to be. Not a little red wagon, not a bicycle, but a car. So I bought FB for dummies. Yup! Sure did! And let me tell you, that book has nothing on Done 4 You Brand! The team provided me with a "jet"! You have exceeded my expectations! THANK YOU for your spirit of excellence and generosity! Everything was AWESOME!

Loretta Bradford

“Thank you so much for my Blog and Fan Page! All I can say is WOW!! The Done 4 You Team is awesome and did a really great job!! I really love the color scheme, layout, and the design is perfect! They both look so GREAT!! Thank you!!!”


Samuel Nimmo

LoriAnn Garner

Thank you for all your help. Overall, I'm very impressed with my new blog and I will definitely be recommending the Done 4 You Blog to others!

Marci Marie

I am sooo sooo excited! Thank you so much for all your hard work! I can’t believe how fast you got this done. It’s beyond amazing!

Overall, the team did great and are highly knowledgeable and skilled in what they do. They were always very sweet and helpful when I have questions or needed something.


Jennifer White

I would like to thank you for doing an amazing job!!!! I love my blog and i feel that you really understood me. I appreciate so much your patience and addressing every single comment and request of mine and you came up with solutions and changes that left me so excited and forever grateful. I appreciate you going the extra mile for me and the design is so perfect. WOW!

Olivia Pinto

Wanda Parks

Wow, this has been awesome! I really love my Blog and the layout is amazing. Thank you.

Tracey Holliday

YOU ARE AMAZING! I could have never created a blog like this!! It is amazing and I love it!!

Everyone has been awesome every step of the way! Thank you all so very much! I look forward to years of valuable interactions and amazing relationships because of the work you all did for me!


Vicki Bowersox

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